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Hello, I came in a party of 3 came on Monday night (10/2/17) and all three of us got food poisoning from our meals. We ordered several different sushi rolls and all managed to get very sick from the food. We all had to miss work the following day due to the food poisoning which is absolutely ridiculous. For a bill that was over $100 I expected better food quality. I am very disappointed and would like a refund on our meal. I expect a prompt reply. Thank you. -Megan
Frederick Pina
Hi. I just walked past your restaurant and noticed the Help Wanted sign outside your window; and wanted to apply for the position. I'm experienced and hard working. Please consider me. I'm available for day time shifts. Thank you !
Ravi Lochan
Dear Owners and the whole team at Okinii Restaurant. Hey guys, I made a video specifically for the Owner and restaurant Okinii. I wanted to tell you this in person but figured you’d be busy all day running your restaurant and it’ll be better for you to hear what I had to say on your own time. After watching this video, I hope to hear from you back. The video: https://youtu.be/AiN4sApJZf4 Best Regards, Ravi Founder of Boost Restaurant Customers. Mobile: (347)636-7322